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Between my teaching and research, I have a couple of other projects coming along! If you're interested in taking part, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Phi Magazine

In 2018, I founded Phi Magazine, a quarterly publication aimed at showcasing the creative talents of Philosophy students across the globe. 

So far, we've published 10 issues, hosted socials and art exhibitions, and raised over £1,000 to continue developing the project. We've also been featured over at Daily Nous.

Our website.  

Mockup (


Philosophers of London in Solidarity, or POLIS, is a network of London philosophy societies set up in 2018.


I've worked as its Media Director since February 2021. During this time, I've led in the creation of its website, social media pages, and multiple events including an Intercollegiate Book Exchange and the London University Philosophy Conference.

Our website.

Past Projects

Image by Alex Loup

Feminist Philosophy

Reading Group


Image by Florian Klauer

Sancte et Sapienter


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